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The BERTIM EU Project new LinkedIn profile has been created. We invite all those interested in the progress within the project BERTIM to visit it :

BERTIM had only it's discussion group dedicated to the project development on LinkedIn until now. The next tool helping to promote BERTIM's ideas has ben created to make the project more visible, mainly for stakeholders and supporters of the green behaviour in Construction business, as well as for persons ready to share ideas of EU projects dedicated to modern approach to building energy renovation issues.

We kindly encourage all interested supporters of BERTIM to visit the new LinkedIn profile. BERTIM LinkedIn

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BERTIM Project has been successfully presented during Industry Day expo in Brussels, Belgium, on 22nd – 23th of February 2018. Tecnalia, project coordinator, had a great opportunity to promote the holistic approach to building energy renovation process, the idea of its digitalization and the development of innovative products.

Bertim Industry days Nagore

23 of most innovative EU project, including 13 managed by EASME, (Executive Agency for Small & Medium Enterprises), was presenting during the event mainly to point those economically efficient and environment friendly at the same time.

BERTIM, as a project dedicated to development and implementation of efficient solutions for reducing CO2 emissions in building and renovation works, has been exhibited together with 3 other projects devoted to the idea of energy efficiency in EU’s buildings.

Solutions developed and implemented within BERTIN were introduced to significant guests visiting the booth: Antonio Tajani, European’s Parliament President, and Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.

Bertim Industry days 2

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As scientists say, the potential of prefabricated housing market in Central and Northern Europe is predicted to grow. According to the market study conducted by experts of Roland Berger GMBH, the prefabricated housing market volume and price are expected to be favorably driven by a number of trends. It’s promising to projects like BERTIM.

The study has been focused on following regions: Germany, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. According to scientists study, among 1+2 family housing, prefabricated housing is expected to gain in relevance, growing at c.3% p.a. from 2017 to 2022. Prefabricated housing growth is expected to outpace the 1+2 family housing market.

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Geographically, absolute growth is projected to be driven by Germany, the UK and Scandinavia. The UK is expected to be negatively impacted by Brexit and is forecast to grow stably but well below strong historical growth figures. In Poland, prefabricated housing is currently assumed to be less popular than in other focus regions .

All data presented above is significant to supporters and beneficiaries of BERTIM, as the project elaborates solutions strictly connected with prefabricated housing market reality.  

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