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Business models discussion, technical details of main project's progress results and final conference preparation - this was, in general, the content of BERTIM #6 General Assembly, held in Stockholm, Sweden (28th - 29th of November 2019) and organized by RISE - project Consortium member in the company headquarters. All Partners  discussed main project's achievements, putting special emphasis on presenting of particular phases of BERTIM solution components testing.


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Solutions of BERTIM were presented and promoted on booth run by ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre (project partner responsible for dissemination and promotion) during ECTP Conference 2018 - When EU Construction Industry shapes high-tech Sustainable Built Environment, in, Brussels.)

ASM was proud to present the achievements derived not only from BERTIM project, but also from other H2020 projects in the area of construction innovations: HISERMOEEBIUS and HOLISDER.

Take also a look at the website of our sister project STUNNING as we promote each other booth-to-booth during Conference. 


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We would like to kindly invite everybody to participate in Final Conference of HISER - our sister project.

All details needed to register are available here:

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