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renovation project decision making procedureThe report "Renovation project decision making procedure" has been finalised (task 2.4). It describes the procedure of the decision making during the process from first analysis of the building until the start of the detailed design of the modules.

The decision making procedure is supported by a Decision Support Tool (DST), included in the RenoBIM software. The technical evaluation is performed within the DST which is used by a person with technical knowledge and analyses the renovation object from a BERTIM module specific perspective. The information for this analysis is information provided by the building owner as well as the detailed geometrical information of the building.

The report also determines what analysis of the present building is needed at which state to avoid that too much resources are spent before a well-informed decision has been taken.

Apart from technical evaluation of dimensions, energy performance and CO2 reduction, the DST also evaluates the economic conditions for the project based on assumptions made by the investor concerning future energy prices and inflation.

The process is divided into a feasibility phase and a design phase, both of which have two distinct decision points.

First part of the feasibility phase is a simple assessment of the feasibility of the project. Simply, can the building be renovated using BERTIM prefabricated modules or are there major obstacles such as the structure of the building, any legislation issues or the type of installations that are required for an effective energy renovation? The second part of the feasibility phase will evaluate the cost effectiveness of the project using simple tools which require little resources from the user and building owner. A number of different solutions will be selected and analysed for a well-informed decision of best strategy.

Once the project is considered feasible, from technical, energy and financial aspects the owner can decide launching the design phase in which the energy savings, the cost effectiveness and the geometry is analysed in more detailed and in which a full 3D model of the existing and renovated building is created which can communicate with CAD/CAM tools though IFC files.

The different strategies will be presented to the user and building owner in a structures manner which facilitates the final decision on which strategy to use, see example in the figure.

decision making procedure

The detailed design of the modules will be done together with the manufacturer before the project enters the manufacturing phase. Full communication between RenoBIM and the manufacturer’s tools are required as described in the report.

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BERTIM desarrollará una solución prefabricada que proporcionará la oportunidad de rehabilitar mejorando el rendimiento energético, la calidad del aire, la estética, la comodidad y, al mismo tiempo, el valor de la propiedad, garantizando una baja intrusión durante los trabajos de rehabilitación.

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La fabricación de la solución estará incluida en una metodología holística, de todo el proceso que abarca el proyecto de rehabilitación, desde la recogida de datos hasta la instalación.

 La metodología sistémica estará basada en un flujo de datos digitales en BIM que será implementado en un software llamado RenoBIM, que permitirá una reducción de los trabajos de rehabilitación, una producción en serie a medida, y un menor riesgo financiero para los inversores.

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