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Legislative and regulatory requirements for the building renovation projectThe building branch and construction works are influenced with a relatively high degree of legislations, regulations and policies. Technical requirements on the EU construction marked are from an EU perspective harmonized. But on a national scale is the applying of EU building standards full of national nuances. The design standards allow a lot of national applications that influence the design buildings structures.
Within the BERTIM project Partners have analysed the differences in legislation and identified where national choices are made in the Eurocodes for the BERTIM countries.

The following documents are identified as main important regulations for building energy renovation:
•    The CPR, Construction Products Regulation, Regulation (EU) No 305/2011
•    The European basis of design and actions on structures (relevant parts)
•    Design standards for timber structures
•    Regulation concerning fire safety
•    EU-directive 2010/31/EU 2002/91/EC, for energy savings
•    Regulations concerning Hygiene, health and the environment and Environmental Noise Directive, 2002/49/EC

The overviewing and listing of the national applications of the EU regulations shows a part of the present variations and this must in detail be considered in a designing and manufacturing situation to mass produce energy saving building elements.  

Due to the national differences as well as the evolving nature of building requirements each project must analyse the legislative conditions on a European, national and local scale. The finalised report describes where this information is to be sought and analysed.

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