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BERTIM prefabricated modulesTask 2.3 “BERTIM prefabricated modules’ specifications” defines the general requirements of the prefabricated modules to be designed on WP 3, Task 3.1. The technical design to be done on Task 3.1 will follow the specifications and requirements that result from the work down on this Task 2.3.

Four different products will be developed in the BERTIM project for the energy renovation of the targetable buildings typologies defined: 2D module with insulation, 2D module with insulation + installations (or services), 3D residential module and 3D installations module.

Prefabricated modules

Not only the envelope, but also the installations of the building will be renovated with different combinations of the four BERTIM modules. At the end, eight different strategies can take place with different combinations of the four BERTIM Products.


Main aspects taken into account for the definition of the BERTIM prefabricated modules’ specifications are:

  • Definition of targetable building typologies suitable to be renovated, according to the BERTIM renovation concept in a replicable and systematic way.
  • Characterization of the building typologies defined, from the point of view of structure, envelope and installations characteristics, because of the impact of the BERTIM strategy into these elements.
  • Analysis of market interests and the existing products of the three companies that participate in the project and must exploit the BERTIM products.
  • Definition of the different possible renovation strategies to be carried out with the BERTIM modules.
  • General legislative and regulatory requirements for the countries that participate in the project.
  • Execution and transport barriers and requirements that directly impact on the dimensions and weight of the BERTIM modules.
  • Structural requirements taking into account the structural limitations of the existing building to be renovated.
  • Possibilities of the support system for the BERTIM modules.
  • Installations requirements, taking into account the installations strategy, the installations execution, service and maintenance.
  • General architectural requirements.
  • Compatibility of the different BERTIM modules choices and their integration in the systematic methodology that includes all the phases of the renovation process.
  • Compatibility with the inclusion of the BERTIM prefabricated modules’ specifications defined and the systemic renovation supporting tool (RenoBIM) in WP4.

At the end of the work done, four templates collect the general specifications for the four BERTIM modules to be designed on WP3, Task 3.1. These templates include following common specifications for all the different countries: description of the concept of the module, aesthetic choices, general dimensions and weight, structural requirements, support system definition, architectural requirements, energy efficiency characteristics, execution specifications, transport specifications. The templates also include Legislative and regulatory requirements and target prices particularly for each country.

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