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New prefabricated modules

BERTIM aims at the development of a standardized product for the wood industry for building energy efficient renovation. The solution will integrate building components (windows and balconies) but also community HVAC systems. A 3D installation module for community systems (ventilation with heat recovery, DHW with solar panels) will be developed and the envelope will include a distribution system for ventilation air and domestic hot water for every dwelling in the building. Thus BERTIM system will allow a deep building renovation by the exterior, reducing the intrusiveness of renovation works nearly completely. Only the removal of the existing window once the external timber layer is installed will be carried out from the inside of the dwellings.

The product will be customized only in terms of the insulation needs for the different climatic areas however the general design of the modules and the prefabrication process will be unique. The product will be developed in timber and will use recyclable materials, for a low carbon footprint.

The product characteristics and fabrication process based on mass manufacturing processes will be defined and carried out in real industrial settings to assure the efficiency of the process and cost-effectiveness. The prefabrication steps will be defined:

activities new prefabricated

Moreover on the contrary to the state of art developments, the BERTIM concept is based on self-supporting structures. As a consequence the load of the modules is not supported by the existing structure avoiding structural reinforcement needs and reducing installation time. In order to assure the self-supporting of the structures the assembly systems of the modules with the façade will be designed in order to allow vertical movements between the two elements.

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