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Experiments on BERTIM developed methodologies and tools (RenoBIM) for the holistic renovation process conducted in Spanish pilot site has been successfully finished. Results are promising! Initial conclusions of performed test suggests that the digital work-flow for current processes of wood manufacturing and installation industry would significantly improve efficiency and accuracy of the mass manufacturing process.

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Deep renovation scenarios elaborated in the frame of BERTIM for increasing energy efficiency and costs-reduction in wood industry are carried out along the project. New prefabricated timber modules have been tested in demo scenarios covering demonstration activities in experimental KUBIK building first and, subsequently, in three residential buildings located in different European countries (Spain, France and Norway). Simultaneously RenoBIM platform was tested.   Developed methodologies and tools were examined afterwards in three industrial settings of timber manufacturing companies: Egoin (Spain), Pobi (France) and Setra (Sweden). So the Spanish demo site reports first results of experiments conducted as very promising.

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First, details on RenoBIM and DST, as well as preparation of panel installation test were discussed in EGOIN facilities. Experiment with installation of the panels itself was preceded by surveying process, fabrication of the timber kit in the machines and by preparation of installation Logistics (crane, access platform). Then panels have been installed.

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Detailed test results will be available soon but all responsible entities describe the attempt as fully successful. It seems to be crucial in the general context of BERTIM holistic solution elaboration – and presenting the project’s outcome as an achievement valuable for timber industry.

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A propos du projet BERTIM

BERTIM mettra au point un ensemble de systems constructifs bois pour la renovation afin d’ameliorer la performance énergétique, la qualité de l’air, l’esthétique, le confort et en même temps, d’augmenter la valeur de la propriété, tout en veillant à une faible intrusion lors des travaux de rénovation.

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Une méthodologie globale pour la rénovation incluera la fabrication, en suivant un processus du projet et en collectant des données nécessaires à l’installation.

La méthode systémique sera basée sur des flux de données numériques utilisant le BIM et qui sera mis en œuvre dans un outil logiciel nommé RenoBIM, réduisant ainsi le temps de mis en oeuvre, avec une production de masse personnalisée pour un moindre risque financier pour les investisseurs.

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